Monday, May 12, 2008

PART 2..

Well Hello There People,

I came to realize to that consistency is the necessary ingredient when you blog. It's harder than it seems, but Im working on it and will improve, "May the force be strong with me" (um yeah, I am quoting Yoda from Star Wars - I've had a crush on him my entire life).

Other than that, life is fine. I had a weekend filled with stupidity <-- I blame it all on beverages that are colorful and not only looks delicious, but contains 70% alcohol. 
More details about my weekend extravaganza will come up in a day or two. Im waiting for my pics so bare with me.

Oh and by the way, I am from Sweden incase you didn't figure it out. Born and raised there - och ja, jag kan prata flytande svenska. However, I am originally from Eritrea, which is located in the eastern region of Africa. (Never heard of it? Don't worry, you are not the That's my background information in short, and all for now.

Challenge of today; Learn how to!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Beginning of Something that You Never Expected!

Life is funny!

I can recall the days, when I used to update myself on my friends blog page. Even though, I found it to be very interesting, I was convinced that I would not have the guts nor consistency of devoting to something so revealing of oneself. 

My friend used to write down about every aspect in his life(thus, I will not say who you are). However, name it and he wrote it; his love ache, his fears, his success, his mistakes. I was drawn to his page, like any tacky daytime soap-opera, and now I find it amusing that I'm actually about to do the same.

So who am I? Will I give you a reason to keep coming back to my blog spot? Only time will tell if I have the ability to convince you guys to also start blogging.

For now though, it will be rude if I at least didn't start of with an brief introduction of myself. Hmmm, I like to be a little mysterious for a while so I'll give you a hint of where I'm from. This is the clue;

Colors on banner is yellow and blue,
as seen in our nature too.
Yet don't be fooled, I have a an exterior where my roots,
blooms from a country maybe unheard of to you.
However, the reason I major in International Business,
is because I was born and raised as _ _ _ _ _ _ _.